Our Services.

Over the past 30 years, MULTI-TECH (MT) has earned the reputation of providing high-performing services. We earned our reputation by controlling all aspects of the Development Process including Designs, Implementation and Testing.


Our team has a proven record in the field of Arabization for different platforms, from PC's to Mainframes. More specifically, MULTI-TECH (MT) has in-depth experience in the following aspects of Arabization:

  • Arabization of national and international packages to modify the Graphical User Interface (GUI) from any language to Arabic Language. "This includes Arabization of screens, windows, messages and reports".
  • Data/language conversion from any platform to other platforms.
  • Data conversion from any code page to another.
  • Arabization of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).
  • Data Conversion

    Our team has implemented National and International Projects in the field of data conversion especially in Data Archiving and Image Processing.

    Softwares Development

    MULTI-TECH (MT) is experienced in dealing with old legacy COBOL-based systems all the way up to state-of-the-art client/server and Web applications developed using enterprise development tools. MULTI-TECH (MT) applies the Information Engineering and/or some of its newer variants, for its entire software development process, all based on first-hand experience on large mission-critical national projects. More specifically, MULTI-TECH (MT) has experienced resources in:

  • Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planning.
  • Life Cycle Methodologies.
  • Softwares Designs and Applications Development.
  • Client/Server (IT) Systems Engineering.
  • Office Automation Planning & Implementation.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • Systems Integration

    Most of MULTI-TECH (MT)’s projects cover the full range of Softwares and Network System Design(s), Development, Integration, Installation, Training and Support. More specifically, our Systems Integration services include:

  • Providing Management with Information Technology (IT) orientation, and the necessary understanding of the impact of Information Technology (IT) on their businesses and the potential risks in meeting the business objectives.
  • Defining total business processes by detailed examination of Life Cycle agreements, and identifying where Information Technology (IT) can make a positive contribution to the enterprise strategic objectives and tactical goals.
  • Supporting and working with senior management and customer teams to produce high-level and detailed plans, prior to starting major projects.
  • Defining and explaining the separate and inter-related roles of organizations and individuals contributing to the business.
  • Illustrating the techniques and demonstrating to management and Information Technology (IT) teams, the disciplines used for managing and controlling of Systems Integration.
  • Building and providing our clients with sufficient confidence to address specific Information Technology (IT) Systems Integration opportunities, analyze the business and technical risks, and develop and management realistic plans that would lead to successful completion.
  • Business Excellence

    Through the unique partnership with Euro Services International in England, MULTI-TECH (MT) is the only company in Egypt to be exposed to and to embrace the basic principles of the European Business Excellence as set by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) adopted by the European Union at Large. Not only that but MULTI-TECH (MT) is proud to be a strategic partner of Enterprise Solutions Ltd., who in 1995 were winners of the most coveted European Excellence award when they were part of the giant Texas Instruments empire.

    Information Engineering (IE)

    Most of MULTI-TECH (MT)’s consulting staff (Principles and Associates alike) were early adopters of Information Engineering, the foundation for all current development methodologies. Indeed some of MULTI-TECH (MT)’s Consulting staff is the only known Information Engineers in Egypt to be certified by the British Computer Society through the strategic alliance with Enterprise Solutions Ltd. in Egypt, which was once James Martin Associates (JMA), founders of Information Engineering.

    Component Based Development (CBD)

    The partnership, alliance and close working relationship with Enterprise Solutions in Egypt, the sole representatives for Sterling Software of Dallas, USA, allows MULTI-TECH (MT) to be the only company in Egypt who has direct access to the European CBD Forum, to International Guru’s of CBD and to CBD methods and tools.

    Dynamic Systems Development Methods (DSDM) And Rapid Applications Development (RAD)

    Once again through its unique partnership with Enterprise Solutions in Egypt and Euro Services International in England, MULTI-TECH (MT) takes pride in being the only private company in Egypt whose consultants are certified in DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Methods). The European DSDM Consortium as the new International had set the certification standard for managing and developing RAD (Rapid Applications Development) projects.

    Advanced University Programs

    Through its unique partnership and alliance with Enterprise Solutions Ltd. in Egypt, MULTI-TECH (MT) is the only company in Egypt whose Consultants have been entrusted with delivering the latest tools and methods to reputable educational institutions such as (AMTA at Alexandria and IDSC/ITI at Giza).

    Projects Management

    Through our special partnership with IBM Egypt, MULTI-TECH (MT) consistently adopts IBM’s MITP (Managing Implementation of a Total Projects) projects management methodology for managing large-scale projects through the various stages of MITP’s life cycle, which starts with Project Identification and ends with Project Termination.

    Hotlines Customers Services Support

    MULTI-TECH (MT) has been chosen by Enterprise Solutions Ltd. in Egypt/Sterling Software in the UK to provide advanced hotline and technical support to the majority of their customers in Egypt. This is implemented through direct access to Sterling Software’s Customer Support network in the USA. This concept was never tried before and was adopted following an extensive experimental period, in which MULTI-TECH (MT) proved its credibility).

    Business Services

    As a consulting Organization, we provide qualified resources in virtually all industry sectors. Here, we are able to help our Customers by:

  • Formulating their Information Strategy Plans from their Business Strategies.
  • Conducting Business Area Analysis, Feasibility Studies and Operational Studies.
  • Supporting Management at all levels identify their Information Technology (IT).

  • Information Technology (IT) Services

    Applications Innovation!

    As an Information Systems Development Organization, we specialize in producing high quality deliverables for all phases of the software development life cycle (e.g. Information Strategy, Business Area Analysis, Business Systems Design and Implementation, Transition Planning up to full production. Not only that but we provide the necessary user training at all levels and in some cases we may even assume responsibility for facilities management should our customer require us to do so.

    * Application Innovation Solutions and Capabilities

  • Application Development:

  • Develop, test and implement leading edge custom applications to drive innovation and growth across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices.

  • Business Applications Modernization:

  • Improve business alignment, total cost of ownership and application flexibility through a factory-based approach.

  • Microsoft Development:

  • Leverage new techniques in architecture development to simplify, streamline, and optimize your Microsoft environment.

    * Interactive Solutions

  • Assets Management:

  • Improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize service levels of your field operations through implementation of custom based asset management software.

    * Security Solutions

  • Identification, Verification, Authentication and Access Control Management:

  • Design, implement, deploy and maintain an integrated identity management system that standardizes access management throughout platforms for users, devices, applications, business processes, and physical security points such as biometric, Smart Cards and Badge Readers.

    * Supply Chain Solutions

  • Asset Management:

  • Improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize service levels of your field operations through implementation of custom based asset management software.

    * Systems Integration Solutions

    As a Systems Integrator we provide total solutions which include software, hardware, communications, Information Systems, policies, procedures, human resources, Etc… all, irrespective of the technical environment of our customers. More often than not, we would deploy the services of additional Systems Integrators and Solutions Providers with whom we have partnership relationships (e.g. IBM, Microsoft, Computer Associates”CA”, Etc...)

    Graphics And Multimedia

    MULTI-TECH (MT) offers the best value for the high quality services delivered. MULTI-TECH (MT) always keeps quality - price in balance for the most of customer's benefits. We have the experience and the expertise to design, develop, implement and directing advertisings, brochures, business cards, 2D and 3D and 4D animations, panoramas, virtual tours, websites that fits customer's needs and their budget. Our customized “advertisings, brochures, business cards, 2D and 3D and 4D animations, panoramas, virtual tours, websites” designs will guarantee that customers will generate maximum returns out of their online investment by reaching out the extra Customer for their business.

    * High-End Web Sites Solutions:

  • Web Sites Programming, Web Sites Designs & Development.
  • Usability & Interface Designs.
  • Flash Animations.
  • E-Commerce Web Sites.
  • Web Sites Redesigning.
  • Online Forms & Database Integration.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Interactive Applications.
  • Internet Marketing.

  • * Designing Solutions:

  • Flash Animations.
  • Logos.
  • Banners Ads.
  • Brochures & Catalogs.
  • Photo Galleries.
  • Photo Sketching.
  • Page & Book Layouts.
  • Graphics & Multimedia Designs.
  • Business Cards.
  • Letters Heads.
  • Print Ads.
  • Presentations Designs.

  • * Templates Solutions:

  • Web Sites Templates.
  • E-Commerce Web Sites Templates.
  • Flash Introduction Templates.
  • Full Flash Web Sites Templates.
  • Full Swish Web Sites Templates.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) Templates.
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery Templates.