Who We Are?

MULTI-TECH (MT), an organization providing value to business, realizes the importance of customization of Products, Services and Solutions with respect to the Customers and Clients’ requirements. By providing best in class Products and Services in the areas of Softwares Applications, WebSite Designing & Development, Web Applications, Web Services, E-Commerce Solutions, Portal Development and Search Engines Optimizations, MULTI-TECH (MT) also strives to improve the Customers and Clients’ capabilities, thereby helping them achieve their goals and objectives.

MULTI-TECH (MT) - A leading Company, with its experience, has realized that the companies World Wide prefer to deal with strategic partners, who not only offer a wide range of Softwares Applications, WebSite Designing & Development, Web Applications, Web Services, E-Commerce Solutions, Portal Development and Search Engines Optimizations but also provide complete business oriented Products, Services and Solutions, which integrate seamlessly to offer maximum value to the Partners, Customers and Clients. MULTI-TECH (MT) has hence positioned itself as an End-To-End Services Provider.

We at MULTI-TECH (MT) understand that attracting and keeping Partners, Customers and Clients are at the heart of business survival. That is why our excellent Partners, Customers and Clients Services have been a superb differentiator which brings great competitive advantage.

Our well defined execution process provides us the thrust for growth and development. To ensure reliability and high performance, MULTI-TECH (MT) and its employees live by their commitment to a set of three core values: Innovation, Quality and Building Enduring Relationships with Partners, Customers, Clients, Employees and society at large.



  • Are dedicated to total Customers and Clients’ Satisfaction.
  • Are passionate about our Customers and Clients’ Services.
  • Conduct our business with a high degree of Integrity and Honesty.
  • Treat Partners, Customers, Clients and Associates with utmost Respect.
  • Strive hard to exceed our Partners, Customers, and Clients’ Expectations.
  • Add value to the communities where we work and live.
  • People

    At MULTI-TECH (MT), we lay strong emphasis on values and long term association. Every Employee is an invaluable asset to
    MULTI-TECH (MT). We believe in generating positive attitudes and a strong work ethics among them. People at MULTI-TECH (MT) are Innovative, Smart, Hardworking, Dedicated and from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds. Their talents and vast experiences enhance the quality of our environment and make MULTI-TECH (MT) a great place to work.

    Current and Accomplished Projects

  • Back Office Application for MSAD Project (Family Cards) Project through contracting with FirstData Egypt.
  • Data Entry of Grocer National Card with MSAD.
  • Dar Al Wathayek Manuscript Scanning For 500,000 Pages throught contracting with IBM Egypt.
  • Vodafone Egypt Archiving For 4,000,000 Pages throught contracting with IBM Egypt.
  • Ministry Of Defense – Registration of Medical Exempted Persons Using FingerPrints.
  • Professional Training Projects.
  • Development of Point Of Sales Systems.
  • Ministry Of Interior – Registration of Civil ID Card Persons Using FingerPrints and Face Recognition.
  • Egypt Air Security Sector – Search of No Fly and Selectee Names Engine.
  • Toyota Al Obour – Accounting System and Time Attendance System.
  • Egypt Telecom (EgyMart) – Accounting System, Official Web Site of EgyMart and Official Web Site of QUATRO Products.
  • Azhar University - Faculty Of Medicine : Official Web Site of Department Of Ophthalmology.
  • Official Web Site of ECTI Company (Engineering Company For Technological Industries).
  • Official Web Site of EgyShops Company (EgyShops Store For Sales Advertisements).

  • Business Partners

  • International Business Machine (IBM).
  • Microsoft.
  • First Data (USA).
  • First Data (Egypt).
  • Computer Associates (CA).
  • CISCO.
  • Plantronics (Egypt).
  • Enterprise Limited Solutions (ESL) For COOL:Gen, Information Engineering, DSDM and CBD.
  • Euro Services International For Business Excellence (England).
  • Digital Telecom.
  • AUDIO Company.
  • Misr Security Company.
  • Masria Cards Company.
  • Ladis (Egypt).
  • Link Egypt.
  • DBC.
  • MegaCom.
  • Solutions Plus (Egypt).
  • CellGard (South Africa).
  • Ferrari (Italy).
  • Maserati (Italy).
  • AutoDesk (USA).
  • Adobe (USA).
  • Customers And Clients

  • International Business Machine (IBM).
  • Microsoft.
  • First Data (USA).
  • First Data (Egypt).
  • Commercial Registration Organization (Egypt).
  • USAID (Egypt).
  • Solutions Plus (Egypt).
  • Plantronics (Egypt).
  • Ladis (Egypt).
  • Misr Security Company.
  • Masria Cards Company.
  • Ministry Of Defense (Egypt).
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (Egypt).
  • Ministry Of Interior (Egypt).
  • Ministry Of Justice (Egypt).
  • Ministry Of Industry (Egypt).
  • Arab Academy For Science and Technology (Egypt).
  • Swiss Garments Company (Egypt).
  • Enterprise Solutions Limited (ESL) (Egypt).
  • Tamima Telescene (Egypt).
  • Cairo Auto Service (Egypt).
  • Toyota Al Obour.
  • AL – AMOUDI Company (SAAB Division) (Kingdom Saudi Arabia).
  • Vodafone.
  • EgyptAir.
  • Ferrari (Italy).
  • Maserati (Italy).