Welcome To MULTI-TECH (MT) Company!

MULTI-TECH (MT) was established in 2008. MULTI-TECH (MT) was known as SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR (SI) starting from 1996 to provide a wide range of Information Technology (IT) services covering Consulting, Training, Information Systems (IS) Development, Implementation Management, Projects Management and all-rounded Systems Integration. While the Chairman has over 30 years experience, the use of associates gives MULTI-TECH (MT) Access to a pool of hundreds if not thousands years experience on National, Regional and International Projects.

MULTI-TECH (MT) Mission and Vision are to establish ourselves as the preferred total Information Technology (IT) Solutions Provider for our visionary customers by providing them with high quality, cost-effective, reliable solutions, so that they can dedicate their resources to excelling in their core businesses, whilst we take care of their Information Technology (IT) needs.

We are committed to:

  • Anticipating market opportunities by listening to and evaluating the needs of our Customers.
  • Using our talent and resources to develop on-time solutions.
  • Creating an environment of growth, change and continuous improvement that empowers Employees.